Bon Voyage


Thanks Em for the lovely travel gift. 


21 thoughts on “Bon Voyage

  1. Sandra

    You do realise that I will respond every time you write something….it’s the Maso in me……… the way, have you booked to go to Macedonia? Ohrid is fabulous, better than Helsinki, trust me…..

    • Of course not. I’ve seen enough Maco stuff to last me a lifetime!! I’m at Helsinki airport waiting to fly out in a hour or so. It’s hot here. About 20 something degrees and I have a suitcase full of winter knitted things. Please keep writing to me. I’ve got skype on the ipad. What was your username again? Something about an eagle???

  2. Sandra

    Off to school in the morning, again….today we had Turkish food from the shop on High St where we had lunch with Samia…Anthony and Aneta ordered the food and Telly picked it up for us…..tomorrow, I think we are having either fish and chips or pizza…the kiddies will pick….I hope it is fish and chips cause I will have pizza with Peter…it is Friday night…take away!!!! Any way…..I hope you have just as much excitement as I am having…. 🙂 xxx

    • I’ve just been swimming in the hotpot at the swimming centre. It’s bright daylight and I left there at 10pm. So tired after crossing yet another time zone. Nighty night.

  3. Sandra

    Lets have some fun with these icons 🙂 ;0 :P;P
    Too cold today…just got back from school with the kiddies…we had fish and chips…father Philip is so funny…well officially one more week of holidays now……

    • Sandra man you have to go to Iceland. The vikings, the sagas, the stories of discovery. Your class would love it. Field trip? Really cold wind here and I had to buy mittens. I am so in love with the place and I’ve only been here 5 minutes! I went for a swim in the hot pools round the corner and managed to do the whole shower in the nude thing before swimming without stuffing it up. There is a procedure and there is an attendant that makes sure you wash all the right bits. I thought I would freak but it seemed normal and the water is warm. It is open until 11pm. Doesn’t get dark here at all this time of year. I’m now off to the Harpa to see a show – HOw to be an Icelander in 60 minutes! Tell you more about it later. When I get home I will see if I have energy to write my next blog. BYe Bye

  4. Anonymous

    You really are having the “time of your life”. Everything sounds like a discovery adventure. what you expected and more. so jealous! but great that you are taking us with yu o your journey. hard to imagine you are so far away. how do you find the time to write? xxx
    sandra are you enjoying your holidays?

    • Are you? You are at school so I guess not. Another blog of Videy Island later coming up. I went over on the ferry on very rough see. Just me and 3 American lads. Off to see Iceland’s version of Circus Oz tonight. Staying up late and getting up early because it’s light all the time. Weird but wonderful

  5. Sandra

    Hey Sue….you have another person on your blog following you who comes up as anonymous (I think it is Veronica) but she hasn’t put her name in the space provided…….she skyped me last knight……hey Vernoica put you name in the “Name” section …… so Sue, Alex may be leaving you messages too.He is following you………also…….did you give your HG your blog?

  6. veronica

    It is me – veronica- i an not at school, doing very little at home , spending time with bubs. but (you) sandra seems to enjoy being there so much she is even spending her holidays there, such dedication! i am sure it will be commended. Sue can’t wait until you are in gay Paree…..will you be there for the tour de F? wave to us… xxx

    • Im having the best time. After some cold cold days here in Reykjavik the sun is shining, the mountains and knolls are the greenest of green and the sea is sparkling. It may not last long – a bit like Melbourne that if you don’t like the weather wait half an hour! A taxi driver told me this and we laughed about how it is the same underneath the world! I love Icelanders. Special people the whole 320,000 of them. Going on an afternoon bus tour before starting the knitting and hiking adventure tonight. Paris next week but enjoying my time here so so much.

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