Off to Iceland


I had a very late night as I went for a midnight stroll along the sea. It is dusk at midnight and then the sun comes up really early but I slept in. Breakfast consisted of a GF breakfast roll, ham, brie and tomato and the rest of the Skyr yoghurt. I loved the little flat and the view is beautiful. Helsinki was more crowded today as I think people have returned from their summer holidays.

So here I am at the airport waiting to fly Icelandair. I forgot to ask if I had a window seat as apparently when the plane lands it looks like you have arrived on the moon.

Here’s the last of the Helsinki photos.



2 thoughts on “Off to Iceland

    • There weren’t many people around where I was staying. The city stays open til very late. And free wifi even out in the street in the city centre!! Australia needs to get up to speed. And there is hardly any crime. People just leave their bikes and prams outside shops. Very cool. Same in Reykjavik.

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