Knitting in the Magical North


So much for writing a blog each evening! There is so much to do and see that I haven’t had time. I get up early and go to bad well after midnight. The sun doesn’t sink below the horizon so there is no sign that it is getting late.

Here are some photos of the knitting and hiking tour. I shared a room with Annegret from East Germany. The ‘knitting women’ came from France, Germany, USA, Switzerland, New Zealand, Scotland and of course Australia. We all had a fabulous time but I don’t know what happened to the hiking. Several people chose to stay at the guesthouses and knit rather than come on the walks. Seemed a bit strange to the rest of us and our knitting guide but we had a great time exploring.


8 thoughts on “Knitting in the Magical North

  1. Sandra

    Great photos, you look so relaxed, good on you Sue bro!! See I told you you wouldn’t get lonely, look at all the new friends you have met, I like the little goat, too cute!!!

    • We are now in Paris and Tati is hilarious. He spends the day saying bon jour to everyone and asking how much things are. These are his 2 best french phrases. He got into trouble at the seafood shop because he touched a shellfish. His response?? Pointed to a huge fly on a piece of fish. the man was very pissed of in French so we left!!

    • Iceland is amazing and I would go back there in a flash. Paris is also wonderful although harder to get around and it is so big. So much to see and do and we have to choose carefully as we will never get to see it all. We are going to Versailles today to see the palace and gardens. If we can find it!! Much of our time is getting lost among gorgeous cobbled streets, churches, cafes and icecream stands! It’s fun.

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